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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The Loan With a One "Click" Rate Reset Feature

Homeownership is part of the American Dream. But refinancing your mortgage can be difficult. What if you could lower your interest rate without feeling like you're starting from square one?

TheHarmonyLoan™ is a unique mortgage loan offered by your credit union through their mortgage partner Credit Union Mortgage Association. The HarmonyLoan™ enables members to take advantage of lower interest rates while eliminating the hassle and cost of refinancing.

Take Advantage of Lower Interest Rates

With a HarmonyLoan™ you don't have to worry whether you've locked yourself into a rate that might improve if you had just held out. In fact, when interest rates fall, you have the ability to manage your own rate-rest through our state-of-the-art web technology. A simple "click" will lock in a new interest rate. In fact, you may be eligible to request a reset of your rate or the fixed rate period of your loan every 120 days.

How Does the HarmonyLoan™ work?

  • Members manage their own rate-reset through our state-of-the-art web technology.
  • A simple "click" will lock in new terms (interest rate & fixed period of ARM)
  • Must wait 6 months after closing before the first opportunity to "click" (reset rate)
  • After first 6 months can only "click" every 120 days
  • Loan must be current with NO late payments in past 12 months
  • When "clicking" to reset rate downward must reduce by at least 1/4%

Eliminate Hassle and Cost

The HarmonyLoan™ program allows you to lower your interest rate with No Points! No Closing Costs!! No Kidding!!! Rather than go through a costly refinance that can add thousands of dollars to your loan, we offer you the ability to simply "click" a button to lower your monthly payment with no points and no closing costs when interest rates fall.

Avoid Credit Risk

When you refinance a traditional mortgage loan, the rate is based on your current financial situation. Any changes in your situation—such as a job loss, salary decline or significant purchase—can impact your ability to qualify for a refinance. With theHarmonyLoan™ as long as you pay on time, you can lower your rate instantly.

Where is the HarmonyLoan Available?

To find out more details and to check theHarmonyLoan™ interest rate, call one of our knowledgeable loan officers at 800-231-8855 or